12 Remodeling Projects that Add the Most Value to Your Home

15 02 2008


2007 Cost vs. Value Report

I’ve been getting calls lately from multiple clients that are planning to sell in the near future and want to know which remodeling projects produce the best returns upon resale.

I love talking with these clients because they have a good grasp of current market conditions and understand the ingredients for a favorable sale, namely a competitive price and desirable condition.

That being said, in their pursuit of the latter ingredient, they don’t want to throw money at a remodeling project that will yield little or no return. So where should they start?

Every year, Hanley Wood, LLC. produces the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report. The report surveys the entire U.S. by region and then by major markets within each region. Data taken from Dallas and San Antonio, although not entirely representative of the Austin market, will help sellers decide which projects are producing the best returns.

Here’s a look are the top projects:

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