Should I Buy a Home In a Good School District Even If I Don’t Have Kids?

5 12 2007

Perhaps you’ve heard this before: Buy a home in a good school district even if you don’t have kids.  There’s no doubt those who choose to live in a good school district pay a premium in the form higher property taxes. So, is it really a good strategy to follow?

YES, so long as you can afford the higher taxes. Even if living near exemplary schools is not a priority for you, still consider the strength of the schools in the area in which you are searching. Generally, homes in a good school district, enjoy the benefit of healthier appreciation and less time on the market when it’s time to sell (assuming the price and condition are not more than the market will bear).

On the other hand, by purchasing in a less-reputable school district, it’s likely you will have reduced the pool of buyers down the road, namely, families searching for a home near quality schools.  


Great Schools is an excellent place to start. There you can browse the top-rated public and private schools in Austin, as well as, compare schools near a particular address or school district. In addition, you can find the most recent Accountability Ratings, which measure how well schools and districts within Austin are performing. Lastly, the site provides a useful platform for parents to hear what other parents have to say about their child’s experience in a particular school or district.

Here are the  Top-Rated Elementary Schools in the Austin Independent School District  for 2007.

  • Mills Elementary

  • Casis Elementary

  • Highland Park Elementary

  • Baranoff Elementary

  • Hill Elementary

  • Gullett Elementary

  • Kiker Elementary

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