INHABIT AUSTIN Real Estate Defined

15 11 2007

IN•HAB•IT \in-‘hab-bet\ 

1. To occupy as a place of settled residence or habitat.

2. To be present in or occupy in any manner or form.

AUS•TIN \aw-stuh-n\

1. The greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the history of the world.

2. The place we inhabit.


With all Austin has to offer, it is no secret why more and more INHABITANTS are calling the city home. This place is rich in history, lush in nature and there’s always a great place to eat right around the corner.

Local is the native language. And it only takes a stroll down South Congress Avenue or a Gospel Brunch at Stubb’s to expand your vocabulary. Yet, words alone never fully capture the vibrant energy that permeates the air.

Whether you dwell downtown or in the surrounding areas, there is never a shortage of creative inspiration to be found. Our city celebrates culinary uniqueness, all forms of art, eclectic shopping and a sensational night life. This place is, has and always will be a destination.


INHABIT AUSTIN is a local real estate firm owned and operated by husband and wife, Jason and Shayla Groves. We opened our doors shortly after planting our own roots in this fabulous place. And ever since then, we have been giving full service to buyers and sellers of residential properties throughout the city.

What we love about Austin directly influences how we serve every one of our clients. Your lifestyle is our focus. And we are passionate about helping you find your place among the diversity Austin affords. Through exploring neighborhoods, evaluating financing options, negotiating offers and smoothly navigating the closing process our value is evident. Not to mention, our property marketing will knock your socks off!

Our approach to real estate is different. No self-indulgent mug shots on the business card or huge magnets plastered on the side of the car. Conversely, INHABIT AUSTIN thrives on personal relationships. The focus is on you, even long after we’ve signed all the papers at closing. We don’t just buy and sell, we INHABIT.




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