For Smell: How Scent Can Make or Break the Sale

8 10 2007


It’s no secret our emotions play a large part in the decision making process when it comes to buying a home. “What about my home would influence a buyer’s emotions when they enter?” This is what a seller should be asking weeks before they begin marketing their home.  If you’re thinking about selling, take a whiff and you may find the answer.

The Smell of Money: Marketers Use Scent to Encourage Spending describes how of all the 5 senses, smell is thought to be the most closely linked to emotion. The post goes on to discuss how major corporations leverage the subtle tactic to encourage a sensory, emotional response and subsequent purchase of their products.

It can be akward for both a Realtor and seller when the topic of “this house has a smell” comes up.  Truth is, every house has a smell, it’s usually either good or bad. When selling your home, know that scent is a catalyst for either a positive or negative first impression. Baking cookies before an open house or showing will only last for so long. My suggestion. Deep clean with a lemon scent.

I should point out I’ve never had a client decide to buy a particular house because it smelled nice, but I have seen contenders crossed off the list because they didn’t.

3 quick tips to make your home smell better and sell faster:

  1. Keep it clean (if you don’t have the time, call in the professionals). 

  2. Remove pet odors (litter boxes, dog beds, pets…etc.).

  3. Replace the air filters (keep the house ventilated with fresh air).

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